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Quest6 Navigating a Car

Author: Ellen Lo, Lin Ma, Biyao Liang, 2018-12-14


In this Quest, we integrated Webcam, Beacon receiver, and server control to make a car that we can remotely control. We have a html web page to display the webcam view to see the surrounding of the car. The car receives the directional control from the html webpage using HTTPD Module. The html website uses "GET" and "POST" request to send the directional command to the esp32 to control the motor through the server on the Raspberry Pi. When click the "forward", "backward", "left", and "right" button on the webpage, the car will go to the corresponding direction one step. Besides, the ultrasound on the car detects the distance between a obstacle and the front of a car. It this distance it greater then 40 cm the car will not move forward to avoid collision.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Car is controlled remotely from DDNS URL and drives successfully including L, R, F, R controls.

  • Each beacon is visited by car and each message fragement decoded in program.

  • Video incorporated in single browser frame with controls.

  • Collision avoidance used; no collisions

  • Catenated message formed in program and decoded automatically in browser showing hidden message.

Solution Design

Webcam connects to the node.js server on the raspberry pi. The car's motor and ultrasound sensor is connected to the raspberry pi through HTTPD. The network is hosted through the LINKSYS router.

Sketches and Photos

  • Top view top

  • Front view ffront

  • Side view side


Modules, Tools, Source Used in Solution

  • Ultrasound

  • PWM

  • node.js

  • HTML

Supporting Artifacts

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