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#Welcome to the BoomkinFAQ

#We have a lot of questions asked in the discord channel and we've decided to aggregate a lot of those questions here. ####If you see anything that needs to be corrected or you would like to add something please PM Zenp, Kaarun, or Gebuz.

##Please go and read Cyous's guide if you haven't already. ##Cyous: Astral Power Pro Bar ##Cyous: FlappyBird Game ##Gebuz: Log Analysis Guide ##Gebuz: Hardcore Raiding Guide ##Shantie: Balance Druid Mastery Snapshotting ##Mastery-Snapshot weakaura2 string (credit: Nagura) ##Current SIMC results

##1. At how many targets is it better to cast Starfall over Starsurge? ####When there are three or more targets and there is no priority in the order in which things need to die.

##2. Which T90 Talent should I take? ####Shooting Stars, Astral Communion, and Blessing of the Ancients are very similar performers at 3 targets as of the Aug 23 hotfix. ####At more than 4 targets Shooting Stars pulls ahead. ####Astral Communion tends to be better for burst generation while Shooting Stars and Blessing will be better for constant resource generation. ####-Cyous

##3. Do we know when its worth to use an unempowered Lunar strike compared to an empowered Wrath?

Where targets=3 (1 main, 2 adds) and Emp% = 50% (any number you have); 20% haste  

No Empowerment LS = 270% + ( 270% * 0.35 * 2) = 270% + 94.5% + 94.5% = 459%  
3Cast Time = 2.083  
= 220.35% DpET

Empowered SW = 190% * 1.5 = 285%  
Cast Time = 1.25  
= 228% DpET  

5 target, no emp LS = 270 + (270% * 0.35 * 4) = 648%  
Cast Time = 2.083  
= 311.09% DpET  

4 target, no emp ls = 270 + (270% * 0.35 * 3) = 553.5%  
Cast Time = 2.083  
= 265.72% DpET

Due to the fact that LS and SW do not have the same SP/APs generation you should consider:

DpET %    / AP generated  

Empowered  SW  
228%      / 8  = 28.5% per 1 AsP generated  

4-target no emp LS  
265.72%   / 12 = 22.14% SP/APs  

5-target no emp LS  
311.09%   / 12 = 25.92% SP/APs  

6-target no emp LS  
356.45%   / 12 = 29.70% SP/APs  


##4. How should I level my artifact? ###Our resident Boomkin Magician Cyous has a really great guide he's put together for us that covers a lot. You should expect to have about 21~ points to spend into your artifact before the first raid tier opens. Here is the AMR Infographic

##5. What spec should I level to 110 as?

The general consensus is to level with whatever you feel comfortable with. With the change to how XP works you are able to dot up targets that have been pulled by other players and still receive XP for them.

##6. Is Balance expected to perform well in Legion?


Balance is looking very solid for Legion PVE. Our single target is more than decent and our cleave is amazing.

##7. Should I be using Fury of Elune single target? ###No.
Use it when you can reliably hit 2 or more targets with it.

##8. For raiding should I take Guardian or Restor affinity? ###For 10% DR to beat 3% healing every 5 sec. You will need to take 30% of your max HP in damage every 5 sec (mitigating 10% of 30% -> 3% mitigated).

###When it comes to burst damage - 10% DR needs to beat Swiftmend, which heals for ~15% of our max HP. That requires you to take more than 150% of your max HP in damage. You're obviously never going to take that amount of damage in one hit if you execute the encounter properly, which means you would have to take a lot of damage over a longer period of time.

###While encounters like that certainly exists, they are rather rare.
###As an example; Wrought of Chaos on Archi did ~50% of your HP per tick over 12 seconds but at that point you'd have to include at least 2 ticks of Ysera's Gift and you would heal for 15% + 2*3% = 21%. Whereas Guardian Aff would effectively only do 10% of 150% -> 15%.

###If you had chain on top of Wroughts it might be enough to push Guardian Affinity ahead OR if you were willing to sit in bear form for the 3 sec duration of Frenzied Regen to heal it back up.

###At some point it just becomes a matter of whether you'd rather sacrifice:
0 GCDs: Guardian Aff (>30% max hp per 5 sec) or Resto Aff (<30% max hp per 5 sec) 2 GCDs: Resto Aff + Swiftmend -> Boomkin
~4 GCDs: Guardian Aff + Bear -> Take dmg -> Frenzied Regen. -> 3 Second FR Hot -> Boomkin ####-Gebuz

##9. NON Empowered SW vs NON Empowered LS LS cleaves for 97.2% SP.
SW is 5/3 more AsP per LS, or 5/180 of a Starfall.
Starfall does 360% SP
Let's assume 30% mastery so that would be 13% SP.
Starfall empowers 2 dots per target, or 8 ticks. a dot tick is 50% SP
Assuming 70% empowerment bonus - 5/18080.7*50=7.8% SP. We add another 7.8% from the primary target, and SW does 97.5% more SP to that as well

With FoE, you get 145% SP for 6 AsP, so 5/(3*6)*145 = 40.3% SP

###So for Starfall, per extra target LS gains ~97% SP, and SW gains 13+7.8=~21% but starts at 97.5+7.8=~105%

2 targets: LS: 97%, SW: 126%  
3 targets: LS: 194% SW: 147%

for Fury of Elune, LS gains ~97% SP, and SW gains ~40% SP but starts at ~138%

2 targets: LS: 97%, SW: 178%  
3 targets: LS: 194% SW: 218%  
4 targets: LS: 291% SW: 258%

So with BotA, no SotF, no NB and 2 dots on all targets, 3 Targets for LS to beat SW when casting Starfall, and 4 targets when casting Fury of Elune. Keep in mind that the priority target damage is always higher when casting SW. ####-Gebuz

##10. What about x Trinket? ###Here

Bought of Corruption has not been implemented yet. Keep in mind that this is single target sims, they might order completely different on multiple targets! The sim assumes all trinkets are ilvl 865 unless noted otherwise.

##11. Do you have a Pawn import I can use? Of course!

Pawn string ( Pawn: v1: "Balance Druid": HasteRating=1, Intellect=0.86, CritRating=0.73, Versatility=0.71, MasteryRating=0.64 )

##12. What relics should I use? ###Here You can add up the values as needed. Keep in mind that this is for single target. Multi target comparison coming soon.

##13. If I have The Emerald Dreamcatcher how much haste do I need to weave in builders between SS casts

##14. The Emerald Dreamcatcher Haste Tracker ###Here
This WA is designed to be used with the The Emerald Dreamcatcher legendary helm.
It will display the current spell haste percentage with icon to distinguish current threshold using table included in the screenshots. As your haste increases the value will change, and so will the color of the text.
This color will match the border for the table rows. The icon will match the current spell capable of being cast at the current moment in time based on the table. Preview ####-Fizzle

##15. An Updated APL for Boomkin

Currently the APL on SimC has been reverted to be very Crit / Versa heavy with no haste. We had this APL up at we were simming well but we're unsure as to why it was reverted.

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