A Unity project that recreates the Airman level from Megaman 2
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This project was done in 2013 after graduating from Danmarks Tekniske Universitet. Decided to use time while unemployed to learn about Unity3D and what better way to learn than by recreating a part of one of your favorite games?

Megaman 2 is a classic platform game by Capcom which was released in 1988. This is without a doubt one of my favorite games of all time and countless hours of my childhood were spent on destroying robots made by the evil Dr.Wily.

I decided to recreate the airman stage from Megaman 2. The game was initially created on Unity3D 4.0 using C# but has been updated to use Unity 5.2.2. The graphics used in this game were found on various sprite websites.


The project must be run on Unity3D version 5 or newer.