Port of the MusicBrainz database to run on other RDBMSs with replication (previously named MB_MySQL.)
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Fix the MySQL backend for the current schema



1- Edit settings.pl to match your environment.
2- Edit settings_mysql.pl or settings_postgresql.pl to match your database environment.
3- Run ./init.pl

You may need to install the following CPAN modules in order to proceed:
perl -MCPAN -e install LWP::UserAgent
perl -MCPAN -e install DBI
perl -MCPAN -e install DBD::Pg
perl -MCPAN -e install DBD::mysql

===== Version log =====
  * Full support for NGS for both PostgreSQL and MySQL.
  * settings.pl is now split so that each backend gets its own relevant settings
  * A few minor bug fixes.

  * Allow parts of the init script to run in batch mode and/or in parallel:
  ** Create tables:     ./init.pl --action=2 --ask=0
  ** Download mbdump:   ./init.pl --action=10 --ask=0
  ** Uncompress mbdump: ./init.pl --action=11 --ask=0 --bzip="/usr/bin/pbzip2 -m10240 -p16 -r -v" --pipe-bzip=1  --parallel=1
  *** Note at the moment pbzip2 can't make use of all cores when decompressing
      because of the format of the mbdump files created by MuscBrainz.
  ** Load data:         ./init.pl --action=4 --ask=0
  * After that, you can continue the database creation using the 5, 6 & 7
    init.pl options from the interactive menu (indexing, foreign keys creation,
    plugins initialization).

===== Further improvements =====
Some ideas may be worth looking at:
  * Create primary keys before LOAD  DATA: https://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.6/en/optimizing-innodb-ddl-operations.html