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Sublime Text support for the V programming language

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Sublime Text Support for the V Programming Language

This bundle provides V syntax highlighting for Sublime Text.


You can install the V package with Package Control:

Package Control: Install Package

Package Control: Install Package

For code completion you can install vlang/vls for Sublime Text 3 or 4.


Commands for building, running, testing, formatting and updating V itself:

Command Palette

Inline errors and warnings:

Inline errors and warnings

Quickly goto to any symbol:

Goto any symbol

Show assertion failures inline:

Assert failures

Command Palette

Any commands that generate output will show in a new window called "V". You may leave this tab open an any future runs will be appended.

V: Build

Build the current module (directory).

V: Build File

Build the current file.

V: Format File

Format the current file.

V: Format Module

Format the current module.

V: Format Project

Format the current project.

V: Run

Execute v run on the current module (directory).

V: Run Test

Execute v run only on the current file.

V: Test

Execute v test only on the current module (directory).

V: Test File

Execute v test only on the current file.

V: Update

Update V to the latest version (v up).

Custom Commands

    "caption": "Build Prod",
    "command": "v",
    "args": {
        "cmd": "-prod ${module}",   // required (string)
        "output": true,             // optional (boolean)
  • cmd is required and in the example above will construct and execute v -prod "some/folder/path".
  • output is optional (defaults to true). If false, the output is not shown in the "V" window. This is useful for commands you intend to be silent (such as v fmt).

See Sublime Variables for full list, but some common ones are:

  • ${file} for the current file path.
  • ${file_path} for the directory the current file exists in (the module).
  • ${folder} for the project directory.


Note: Make sure you uninstall the package if it's already installed with "Package Control > Remove Package..."

Now clone the package locally:

cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/Sublime\ Text/Packages
git clone


Sublime Text support for the V programming language






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