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Code shows at top of page when I activated the Flexible Content Addon #34

drejohnson opened this Issue Mar 18, 2013 · 2 comments

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Don't know if this is a know issue or something on my end but I get this code at the top of my screen after activating Flexible Content. I'm using version 4.0 beta. It doesn't show code on stable version

ck if layout still exists if( isset($layouts[ $layout ]) ) { // loop through sub fields if( is_array($layouts[ $layout ]['sub_fields']) ){ foreach( $layouts[ $layout ]['sub_fields'] as $sub_field ){ // update full name $key = $sub_field['name']; $sub_field['name'] = $field['name'] . '' . $i . '' . $sub_field['name']; $v = apply_filters('acf/load_value', false, $post_id, $sub_field); $v = apply_filters('acf/format_value_for_api', $v, $post_id, $sub_field); $values[ $i ][ $key ] = $v; }} } } } return $values; } } new acf_field_flexible_content(); ?>


Hi @drejohnson

Can you please update to the latest flexible content add-on?
What version are you running?


Thanks for the bug report. I've found the random code, removed it and released a new version for the flexible content field

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