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Redactor Extras for Craft

Useful Redactor plugins for Craft's richtext field

Version History

View the changelog for details

  • 1.3 : 17 March 2016
  • 1.2 : 8 March 2016
  • 1.1 : 16 February 2016
  • 1.0 : 10 February 2016


  • Craft 2.5+
  • Redactor 2

This has only been tested with the latest Craft, may or may not work in older versions. Definitely requires Redactor 2.


Copy the redactorexatras folder into craft/plugins, then go to Settings > Plugins in the Craft Control Panel and click 'Install'.


Once installed, in Craft go to Settings > Plugins and click the small cog or go to Settings > Redactor Extras.

To use a plugin edit an existing config or create a new config json file as per Craft's documentation.

Turn on required plugins then an example config could be:

    "plugins": ["scriptbuttons", "counter", "alignment"]


Available plugins are:

  • Superscript and Subscript
  • Word count
  • Alignment
  • Properties
  • Predefined Links
  • Character Limiter
  • Custom plugin

Superscript and Subscript

Adds superscript and subscript buttons to the toolbar. In source, the text is surrounded with <sup> and <sub>.

Image of Redactor with superscript

	"plugins": ["scriptbuttons"]

Word / Character count

Adds a 'Word count' button to the toolbar. Overlay modal appears with word and character count.

Image of Redactor with superscript

	"plugins": ["counter"]


Adds an 'Alignment' button to the toolbar. Aligns text block by adding a class, text-center or text-right.

Image of Redactor with superscript

	"plugins": ["alignment"]


Assign an id or class to any block level tag. From the cursor position outwrds, finds the first block level item, eg. p, ul. and adds id="xx" or class="xx". Use the HTML source plugin to view code to see this in action.

Image of Redactor with properties modal

	"plugins": ["properties"]

Predefined Links

Add a list of predefined links to the link menu. These can be external or internal. Probably best to let Craft handle internal link as it spports linking to Entries and Assets.

Image of Redactor with Predefined Links modal

    plugins:        ["definedlinks"],
    definedLinks:   [
        { "name": "Select...", "url": "" },
        { "name": "Google", "url": "" },
        { "name": "Home", "url": "/" },
        { "name": "About", "url": "/about/" },
        { "name": "Contact", "url": "/contact/" }

Character Lmiter

Limits the number of character in the rich text field to the value definied in .json.

    "plugins": ["limiter"],
    "limiter": 20

Your own custom plugin

There's also the option to create your own Redactor plugin and link to the JS and CSS files. Just fill-in the paths in settings under, 'Custom plugin'. The plugin code needs to follow the Craft way of wrapping/loading the JS. Check the included Redactor plugins as an example.