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ELLI Core integration/staging repository

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ELLI is an opensource cryptocurrency specialized on fast transactions with low transaction fees and very high security and anonymity level. It is using variable seesaw reward mechanism that dynamically balances the block reward between Masternodes and Staking nodes on PoS stage. ELLI aims to be a reliable fast universal cryptocurrency with maximum possible anonymity and security level, which will be used in parallel developed mobile multiplatform game as an instrument of payment.

  • Doubled anonymity of transactions using the Zerocoin Protocol and Tor (upcoming update).
  • Fulminant transactions requiring zero confirmation (SwiftX technology).


Coin Specs

Block Time60 Seconds
Difficulty RetargetingEvery Block
PoS Reward RetargetingSeeSaw
Difficulty Retargeting AlgoDarkGravity v3
Transaction Security Algozk-SNARK (upcoming)
Max Coin Supply (PoW Phase)13,170,000 ELLI
Max Coin Supply (PoS Phase)Infinite
Premine210,000 ELLI

Reward Distribution

Inital premine
Block HeightReward Amount
0210,000 ELLI

PoW Rewards Breakdown

Block HeightMasternodesMiner
1-4320040% (20 ELLI)60% (30 ELLI)
43201-15120050% (25 ELLI)50% (25 ELLI)
151201-25920060% (30 ELLI)40% (20 ELLI)

PoS Rewards Breakdown

StageBlock HeightRewardMasternodes & StakersBudget
Stage 1259201-30239950 ELLI90% (45 ELLI)10% (5 ELLI)
Stage 2302400-34559945 ELLI90% (40.5 ELLI)10% (4.5 ELLI)
Stage 3345600-38879940 ELLI90% (36 ELLI)10% (4 ELLI)
Stage 4388800-43199935 ELLI90% (31.5 ELLI)10% (3.5 ELLI)
Stage 5432000-47519930 ELLI90% (27 ELLI)10% (3 ELLI)
Stage 6475200-51839925 ELLI90% (22.5 ELLI)10% (2.5 ELLI)
Stage 7518400-56159920 ELLI90% (18 ELLI)10% (2 ELLI)
Stage 8561600-60479915 ELLI90% (13.5 ELLI)10% (1.5 ELLI)
Stage 9604800-64799910 ELLI90% (9 ELLI)10% (1 ELLI)
Stage N648000-Infinite5 ELLI90% (4.5 ELLI)10% (0.5 ELLI)
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