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A server–side JavaScript web application micro–framework for Node.js
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μ Framework

The μ Framework (pronounced “Mu Framework”) is a server–side JavaScript web application micro–framework for Node.js.

While the user interface and backend are necessarily separated on the Web into the client and the server, they are ideologically separated as well in any clean development system (such as the famous MVC). However, unlike a web developer, the desktop developer is capable of breaking this paradigm when it makes sense, at their own discretion: the web developer is not.

μ’s intention is to allow web applications to be developed in a similar method to light desktop applications: since your server is running JavaScript, just like your client (even, possibly, in the exact same VM, if your user is using Google Chrome and V8), the server and the client can, to some extent, communicate directly as if the barrier was not there. Objects and code (in the form of closures) can easily be exchanged in real–time between your client and server, where necessary, allowing you (the developer) to leverage many powerful development methods that were previously impossible.

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