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@@ -9,17 +9,15 @@ Installation
You can download a compiled copy of `` from the GitHub downloads section:
-Once you’ve downloaded (or compiled, see below) a copy of ``, and activated MenuCracker (see
-below), you only need to double-click the `.menu` file to install ``.
+Once you’ve downloaded (or compiled, see below) a copy of ``, simply double-click the
+`Solcounter.prefPane` to install it, and then enable `` in the preference pane. To later uninstall
+``, all you need to do is uncheck that checkbox, and then right-click on the preference pane’s
+icon and select ‘Remove “Solcounter” Preference Pane.’
-### MenuCracker
-To use this, you first need to apply MenuCracker to your `SystemUIServer`. This can be downloaded from their
-SourceForge here: <>
-To install, simply mount the DMG and double-click ``. That will load MenuCracker into your
-`SystemUIServer`, allowing `` to load itself.
-Future versions of `` will do this for you; this is a temporary measure.
+Enabling `` automatically activates MenuCracker, and disabling `` via the
+preference pane automatically disables MenuCracker. However, if you simply drag `` out of the
+menubar, it will not disable MenuCracker; MenuCracker will continue to be active indefinitely. You can
+subsequently remove MenuCracker by re-enabling and then disabling `` via the preference pane.
### Compilation
To build `` for yourself, you’ll need to procure the `NSMenuExtra` headers. I can’t distribute
@@ -47,4 +45,12 @@ Finally, the headers need to be slightly modified before they’ll be useful.
low. If you’re trying to use this to develop other MenuExtras, you’ll need to either fix that last `sed`, or go
manually replace all the extra `struct Foo` declarations in the dumped headers.)
-Once you’ve got the headers, you can simply open the Xcode project and build. :D
+Once you’ve got the headers, you need to build `` itself before you can build the
+`Solcounter.prefPane` (which is necessary to install and control ``). Open the
+`Solcounter.xcodeproj` at the root of the project directory, and activate the ‘Release’ target, then select
+“Build > Build and Analyze.” If there are no errors or warnings during the build process, you’re good to go; you
+can now open the preference pane `.xcodeproj` (in the ‘Preference Pane’ subdirectory) and do the same thing:
+activate the ‘Release’ target, and select “Build > Build and Analyze.”
+Once the preference pane has compiled, simply double-click the product to install it, and open it to enable

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