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Run before using home/.gitignore:

$ git config --global core.excludesfile ~/.gitignore

The Z Shell configuration uses zplug, which needs to be installed separately (it thereafter updates itself). The .zshrc will automate this the first time you run the terminal.

Some Vim plugins require extra setup:

  • CoffeeTags requires the coffeetags gem to be installed globally (beware rvm!):

     brew gem install coffeetags
  • YouCompleteMe requires installation of the various pieces of supporting software (Node, npm, Rust), followed by:

     cd ~/.vim/bundle/YouCompleteMe
     ./ --clang-completer --tern-completer --racer-completer
  • color_coded requires compilation:

     cd ~/.vim/bundle/color_coded
     (mkdir build; \
        cd build && cmake .. && \
        make && make install; \
        make clean && make clean_clang)
  • Command-T requires compilation; and this must be done against the same version of Ruby that the current Vim is compiled against: (Check both MacVim and command-line vim!) :ruby puts "#{RUBY_VERSION}-p#{RUBY_PATCHLEVEL}". Re-build both Vims with the same Ruby; and then rvm (or similar) to that Ruby to build Command-T. (More information is available in the docs.

     cd ~/.vim/bundle/command-t/ruby/command-t
     ruby extconf.rb
  • sparkup has to have its vim docs re-generated:

     cd ~/.vim/bundle/sparkup
     make vim-pathogen
  • IPython-notebook-extensions needs some config to be configured, and I haven't figured out how to abstract it out, so I just .gitignore'd it:

     cd ~/.jupyter/IPython-notebook-extensions
     ./ install

    (This may need to be ‘fixed’ afterwards, restoring the symlinks in ~/.jupyter. This should be enough: git checkout extensions nbextensions templates, or similar.)

The Terminal preferences (hotkeys etc) require Karabiner and Seil be installed, and that the fonts from the Extras/ directory also be installed. After all of those are installed, the configurations can be symlinked from my Dropbox:

ln -s '~/Documents/Dropbox/Library/karabiner.private.xml' '/Users/ec/Library/Application Support/Karabiner/'
ln -s '~/Documents/Dropbox/Library/' '~/Library/Preferences/'
ln -s '~/Documents/Dropbox/Library/GlobalPreferences.plist' \

(May require existing files be removed, or directories be created, first.)