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-[fora][1] (yes, it's all lowercase letters) is discussion forum software,
-done *differently*. If you'd like to discuss fora, make suggestions, or ask
-questions, you can do so at [our getsatisfaction forum][2].
+[fora][1] (yes, it's all lowercase letters) is forum / discussion board
+software, done *differently*. If you'd like to discuss fora, make suggestions,
+or ask questions, you can do so in [our campfire room][2].
+**Note:** this project is currently non-operational, and is still in early
+development. Feel free to watch it here on GitHub, fork it and contribute
+yourself, or jump in the room and chat with us... but you can't download and
+install fora in it's current state.
[1]: <> (fora homepage)
- [2]: <>
+ [2]: <> (fora campfire room)
@@ -39,8 +44,11 @@ If you want to make changes to the codebase, you need to fork your own github
repository for said changes. Send a pullrequest to [elliottcable][4]
when you've got something ready for the master that you think should be
integrated into the root source.
+Bugs or feature requests can be submitted to our [ticketing system][5].
[4]: <> (elliottcable's github account)
+ [5]: <> (fora on Lighthouse)

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