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Added yard generation to rake tasks, but not continuous integration (…

…still bugging out)
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ELLIOTTCABLE committed Sep 21, 2008
1 parent 0d3bef0 commit c3ee45ea4469c326104ec850cdb6e06be5ca5854
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@@ -121,10 +121,11 @@
desc 'Check everything over before commiting'
task :aok => [:check_config,
:'rcov:run', :'rcov:verify', :'rcov:ratio', :'rcov:open',
:'ditz:stage', :'ditz:html', :'ditz:todo', :'ditz:status', :'ditz:html:open']
:'ditz:stage', :'ditz:html', :'ditz:todo', :'ditz:status', :'ditz:html:open',
:'yard:generate', :'yard:open']

# desc 'Task run during continuous integration'
task :ci => [:'rcov:plain', :'ditz:html', :'rcov:verify', :'rcov:ratio']
task :ci => [:'rcov:plain', :'ditz:html', :'rcov:verify', :'rcov:ratio']#, :'yard:generate']

# Tasks for systems
Dir[Merb.root / "systems" / "*"].each do |system|

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