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A Regular Expression sugar for MacRabbit's Espresso text editor.
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A Sugar for the Espresso text editor to develop complicated Regular Expressions. It should support anything described in the reference provided by In cases where a feature is only supported by a subset of the available regular expression engines, I attempt to support it as well as possible without conflicting with any alternatives provided by other engines.


Clone this project somewhere, with the following:

git clone git:// ./Regex.sugar

And then link it to your syntaxes directory:

mkdir -p "$HOME/Library/Application Support/Espresso/Sugars/"
ln -s "$(pwd)/Regex.sugar" "/Users/$(whoami)/Library/Application Support/Espresso/Sugars/"


  • Write a custom Itemizer class so that capture groups can show their capture number in the Navigator, just like how named capture groups will be capable of doing.
  • Conditionals

More information

You can reach me (elliottcable, the author of this project) in the Espresso IRC channel almost 24/7:

##Espresso on Freenode (open in browser)

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