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Sugar Manager.sugar manages Espresso Sugars. Update / install / browse sugars on GitHub, from within Espresso!
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This was originally intended to be a Sugar plug-in for the Espresso text editor that allowed a user to browse, install, update, and uninstall other sugars easily.

Current status

This is in a very basic format currently. It doesn't do any network access bits (due to me doing all of the development so far on vacation without internet), but the general interface is working.

The project is also entirely on hold (in its current non-functioning state), due to the lead in-house Espresso developer (Jan) deciding to write his own Sugar Manager as a part of Espresso. In case you couldn't tell, that's a good thing (-:

Sugar Daddies

To configure your Sugar for use with this, first add a <meta> section to your Sugar's Languages.xml. See this sugar's Languages.xml for more information on that.

Second, you currently have to upload your sugar to one of the following services:

More information

You can reach me (elliottcable, the author of this project) in the Espresso IRC channel almost 24/7:

##Espresso on Freenode (open in browser)

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