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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
This should just be the name without the `.sugar` file extension.
This tag *may not* be omitted.
<name>Sugar Manager</name>
This should be a short and succinct description of the sugar. No
formatting is guaranteed to be interpreted.
This tag may be omitted.
<description>A sugar that gives you a user interface with which you can manage the installation and updating of other sugars.</description>
<!-- Author's name - This tag *may not* be omitted. -->
Identifier string (for the whole sugar, not the same as the language string above).
Should probably look like 'tld.domain.Sugar.Language-name' or
'tld.domain.Sugar.Language-name.framework'. For example,
'com.mydom.Sugar.Ruby' or 'com.mydom.Sugar.Ruby.Rails'.
This tag *may not* be omitted.
This should store the current 'version string' of the sugar. If you
change this number, systems may prompt the user to update your sugar.
The 'status' attribute should be one of the following
- development: Not working at all, still under active development in
preparation for a preview version or a release
- preview: Working, but not fully functional. Intended as a 'feature
preview' for beta testers or interested parties
- release: A release version, this is prepared for general use.
This tag may be omitted, a version of "0" and a status of "preview" will
be assumed.
<version status="development">0</version>
This should provide a URL at which the sugar should be accessed.
The 'format' attribute should be one of the following:
- raw: Only used internally. *Do not use*.
- tgz: URL references a tarred GZIP
- zip: URL references a zipfile
- svn: URL references the Sugar directory's path in a SVN repository
- git: URL references a publicly-accessible git upstream
In all cases, the archive/repository should have the Sugar directory as
it's root - that is, the Languages.xml file and Sugar folders (Syntaxes,
Itemizers, etc...) should all be directly within the root of the archive/
repository, not within a subfolder.
<download format="git">git://</download>
<!-- The home URL at which a user can obtain more information. This tag may be omitted. -->
This is an array of dependency elements, each of which references the
identifier of a Sugar upon which this Sugar depends. Dependencies will
be automatically installed first if found, and this sugar will
marked as unavailable if it's dependencies are not found / unavailable.
This tag may be omitted, or left empty. Both will be assumed to mean
that this Sugar will work without any dependencies.
Since this sugar has no dependencies, see the Ruby.sugar's Languages.xml
for an example:
A shell script / shell command to be executed after the sugar is
acquired, but before it is installed.
This will be executed with the downloaded and uncompressed directory as
the working directory. No other environment is guaranteed, so be as
explicit as possible.
This is primarily intended for Cocoa sugars to compile themselves before
This tag may also appear more than once, though that should be avoided.
Order of execution is not guaranteed.
This tag may be omitted. If the 'interpreter' attribute is omitted, it
will be executed within /bin/sh.
<script interpreter="/bin/sh">/usr/bin/xcodebuild</script>
If it is not sufficient for your sugar to be copied verbatim into the
Sugars directory as-is, such as if your sugar is compressed into a sub-
directory or your sugar has to be compiled and then copied from a build
folder, then you should define a relative path to your *actual* `.sugar`
folder here.
This tag may be omitted. It will default to copying this entire root
directory into the sugars directory.
<directory>build/Release/Sugar Manager.sugar</directory>