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<header id="title">
<aside class="pronunciation">tōp</aside>
<a href="/why.xhtml">why?</a>
<p>It’s a color. A brownish one, I gather. That’s cool and all, but there’s something cooler: this. It’s a little thingie—a snorklebob, if you will—that makes concise and semantic URLs for status updates on Twitter (tweets.)</p>
<p>So, there’s not a cool little field to enter your tweet’s URI here (… yet!), but it’s not difficult to register a tweet with taupe. Just add the <a href="" title="If I need to tell you what Twitter is… why are you here?">Twitter</a> URI of your tweet to this domain name, and taupe will give you a taupe URI.</p>
<p>This taupe URI is guaranteed to last forever (or a reasonable portion thereof), so go ahead and use it in your tweets.</p>
<aside id="by">by: <a href="">elliottcable</a></aside>