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Espresso is the Next Big Thing™ for Mac OS X development. I'm a “Sugar Daddy” — i.e. one who develops Sugars, which is what MacRabbit calls the extension bundles made available to Espresso for languages and frameworks.

Bugs / Questions

Things I run into while development, that I need to ask Jan when I see him.

  • Adding .hidden. to the <zone name="…"> attribute of a .comment. zone in a Syntax doesn't hide it from the sidebar like it would an Itemizer.
  • Will there be delimiter-balancing functionality at some point? Perhaps similar to that in TextMate and Coda, where typing a opening delimiter automatically creates the closing delimiter, and and passing over a delimiter with your insertion point highlights the balancing delimiter elsewhere in the code?
    • If it is supported, will we be able to hook into it to inform Espresso which characters are 'delimiters' in a given context? It'd be very cool if any syntax zone or capture zone (I understand they work the same after parsing) with both .delimeter. and .begin. would 'balance' any zone with the exact same name but with .end. instead of .begin..
    • Will we be able to tell Espresso when not to read a character as a delimiter? For instance, it's annoying in TextMate when you have a complicated regular expression that includes parenthesis, but they are escaped (thus a part of the match). TextMate gets all confused about which parenthesis balances which, and is quite likely to throw off your regex-fu.
  • I can't decide if zones are trying to be greedy or not. I have a zone that defines def function( as the starts-with expression, and ) as the ends-with expression. The problem arises in that whitespace can be used instead of parentheses, and the parser drops out of the zone at the first chunk of whitespace. For instance, def function(foo, bar) is parsed as def function(foo, because that first space is seen as matching the ends-with expression.