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This is an Xcode auto-versioning script, written in Ruby which updates your Info.plist's CFBundleVersion to the latest git revision number.

See the wiki for more information.


  1. Right-click the target you want to add the versioning phase to (usually the target that builds your app)
  2. Select: Add -> New Build Phase -> New Run Script Build Phase
  3. Specify /usr/bin/env macruby as the Shell for the script
  4. Paste the script body into the Script text area
  5. Ensure that the build phase is at the end of the target's list of build phases


The script is based on an original Perl script by Marcus S. Zarra and Matt Long, subsequently adapted to Ruby by Jason Sallis.

Finally, it was converted to MacRuby and cleaned up by elliottcable, using tips and snippets from many sources.