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A game about sheep
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A sheep herding game made at Rails Camp Scotland 2016.


I spent the day before Rails Camp Scotland 2016 exploring the country side of Scotland; one word: Sheep. That night I flicked on the TV. It was sheep herding. I was inspired and decided to try making a game based on the real deal.


Install prerequisites for gosu e.g.,

brew install sdl2

Install gems

bundle install

Launch the game

ruby game.rb


Based on real life sheep herding commands

  • w Find - search for the stock

  • a Come-bye - go to the left of the stock, or clockwise around them

  • s Away to me - go to the right of the stock or counter clockwise around them.

  • d That'll do - stop working and return to the handler.

  • arrow keys - walk

  • space - close/open the gate


Pull requests welcome. Here's some ideas.

  • Stop sheep running through fence
  • Remove farmers telepathic gate opening/closing powers
  • Add sound effects (farmer commands, sheep and dog noises)
  • Clean up graphics
  • Add a splash screen to start and restart the game
  • Prevent pen from appearing off the edge of the screen sometimes
  • Refactoring
  • Add ability to control via voice commands (hint: pocketsphinx gem)

Other real life sheep herding commands

Taken from wikipedia. These haven't been implemented yet.

Stand - stop, although when said gently may also mean just to slow down

Steady - slow down

Get out or back - move away from the stock. Use when the dog

Speak up - bark at the stock. Useful when more force is needed.

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