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The search for an MD5 hash which returns itself when hashed.
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Latest commit abe5752 @elliottkember Merge pull request #5 from Pitel/patch-1
Fix random input hash generation
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actionscript Even more scripts
bash Donald Moore bash script
c flushy!
clojure More scripts
coldfusion Even more scripts
cplusplus Actually checks the entire MD5 hash now
csharp More scripts
dart Fix random input hash generation
emacs kember.el --- The kember identity in Emacs Lisp
erlang Even more scripts
fsharp F# script get
groovy Groovy fix
io Even more scripts
javascript Reduced the output show delay.
lisp Loads more.
lua Moved into folders
mathematica Mathematica script
objective-c Loads more.
ocaml Add Ocaml version
perl my collorful one
perl6 * Minor adjustment in comments.
python Loads more.
ruby Adding Sinatra+JavaScript version.
scala Updated the scala version (Emil Ivanov) to report calculating speed
scheme Moved into folders
sh Loads more.
sql/sql-Bill-Wild (SQL Server 2000) Bill Wild SQL Server
tcl Moved into folders from Smallman
CREDITS F# script get
README Readme and credits


Welcome to the Kember Identity script pool. I've had so many entries that I've decided to put everything on GitHub. 

Some of the scripts suck, and some are awesome. You can create your own using the rough syntax language-firstname-lastname.extension. 

Put your details in CREDITS, and the languages you've used!
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