Poor man's Doxygen for VVVV made inside VVVV using XSLT + patching
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Make documentation for VVVV files using special syntax within comments.

NOTE: Currently you must manaully copy the 'resources' folder to the patch's folder

Generally the idea is to create havy comments which are hidden in all but title, then render out the full text in HTML.

So far I think going this way does save time / keep things together quite well (instead of using a seperate word processor).
But there is much more that could be done in this realm / other ways to go.
I expect perhaps to merge this into a larger project when one becomes public (as this one is a little untidy at present).
Some sort of integration with vvvv.js for viewing patches is likely a must.

At present, the HTML is badly formatted for browsers other than Internet Explorer.