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<h2>0 - Quality settings</h2>
<p> The <node>Renderer (EX9)</node> has plenty of settings hidden away in the <node>Inspektor</node>. Here are some of the ones you definitely want to become familiar with: </p><p> <ul> <li><pin>Fullscreen Depthbuffer</pin> - For 3D scenes you generall want to turn this 'on', i.e. choose a setting other than <b>NONE</b>. The <concept>Depth Buffer</concept> is what that graphics card uses to detect when objects are in front of each other, so it knows how to draw them properly</li> <li><pin>Fullscreen Dimensions</pin> - When you make your renderer fullscreen, this is the resolution that it will use. The renderer will become fullscreen on whatever screen it is on at that time, i.e. if you want it to come up on the second screen, you must drag the renderer window to there before going fullscreen. Also by doing this, you will have the correct list of resolutions for that screen</li> <li><pin>Fullscreen Antialiasing</pin> - This smooths the edges of objects, generally turn this on to make graphics look detailed and smooth. Depending on your graphics card different options will be available.</li> <li><pin>Windowed Depthbuffer</pin> - Same as <pin>Fullscreen Depthbuffer</pin>, but this option applies instead when the renderer is not fullscreen</li> <li><pin>Windowed Antialiasing</pin> - Same as above</li> </ul> </p><p> The most important thing most of the time is to make sure to turn on Antialiasing and Depthbuffer. </p><p> To demonstrate this, I've created 3 renderers at the side which share a common scene and a common camera. They each have different settings for <pin>Windowed Antialiasing</pin> and <pin>Windowed Depthbuffer</pin>. WARNING: The <node>Inspektor</node> locked inside this patch will block you opening up another <node>Inspektor</node>. But if you turn off the <b>Attached</b> button, then it will start acting like a normal <node>Inspektor</node> (albeit inside the patch rather than in a window).</p>
-<h2>1 - Multiple renderers</h2>
+<h2>1 - Quality settings demo</h2>
+<p> Here we demonstrate 3 <node>Renderer</node>s with different quality settings so that you can compare and identify the differences. </p><p> Feel free to patch this out for yourself, but for the sake of this tutorial, we wont go through it step by step. </p><p> Another new bit is the <node>GourandDirectional</node> shader (more on that in the next tutorial!). </p>
+<h2>2 - Multiple renderers</h2>
<p> Here we're also demonstraing something that VVVV does effortlessly: </p><p> Rendering the same objects to multiple <node>Renderer</node>'s. </p><p> In fact, with VVVV you can mix and match <node>Renderer</node>'s however you like. It's a real strength of the platform. And something that isn't properly available on any other hardware accelerated platform for media arts use.</p>
-<h2>2 - Perfmeter</h2>
+<h2>3 - Perfmeter</h2>
<p> The <node>PerfMeter (Debug)</node> node gives you vital information about how your computer is performing and what is slowing it down. </p><p> The big number is the <concept>Framerate</concept> which is measured in <concept>Frames Per Second (fps)</concept>. You generally want this to be the same as your <concept>Refresh rate</concept> (commonly 60Hz, therefore 60fps is best). </p><p> The running graph is the history of your framerate, and the other graphs give you more detailed information as to what is taking up your processing time. </p><p> An ideal situation is generally a nice flat line at 60fps.</p>
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