Minimal OpenCv implementation for openFrameworks with modern libs
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ofxCvMin began with the Utility and Wrapper functions from Kyle McDonald's ofxCv ( and working builds for OSX and Visual Studio.

The addon aims to provide a lightweight implementation of modern OpenCV with cross-platform C++11 support, i.e.:

  • Be fast and convenient (equivalence types, e.g. ofVec2f and cv::Point2f are convertible by refernce without copy)
  • Be easy to port between platforms (i.e. no extra libraries)
  • Provide some commonly used helper functions which allow the user to most of their work with OpenCV directly.

Currently I'm working with:

  • XCode 5
  • Visual Studio 2015

This addon does not require ofxOpenCv.

Notes to self

building opencv

  • use sources from opencv website
  • cmake gui
    • XCode
    • CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS -m32
  • XCode
    • Project settings
      • C++ Language dialect -std=c++11
      • Deployment target 10.8 (probably already is)
    • Set to release

A working opencv 2.4.9 build can be found at:

then go into the modules folder and run:

for D in *; do
    if [ -d "${D}" ]; then
        cp -r "${D}/include" ../include   # your processing here

to gather the includes into the ./includes/ folder.