Simple camera (ofEasyCam replacement) for openFrameworks for quickly browsing your scene
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Camera for browsing your 3D world in openFrameworks, which 'picks' the xyz position under the cursor, so all your mouse actions are performed relative to that point in 3D space.

  • Rotations and zoom are then performed with respect to that xyz position.
  • Rotations are performed using a trackball model.

Inspired by Google SketchUp (

Elliot Woods


//in your app .h
ofxGrabCam camera
//in your .cpp

void ofApp::draw() {
    //do your 3d drawing


ofxGrabCam (general)

Left click drag = rotate

Right click drag = zoom

hold 'h' whilst left click drag = pan

'r' key = reset

Example project

'c' = toggle draw cursor

'u' = toggle fix up vector


MIT License


  • We use glReadPixels to read back the depth buffer around the mouse cursor to find the XYZ position
  • Reading back the depth buffer happens only when required (e.g. mouse down/dragged, or when you enable the 3D cursor)
  • Reading back all the time may reduce your frame rate, so make sure to leave the cursor disabled (default) if you want a higher frame rate.


"this is basically the best thing ever." - kyle mcdonald

"this is absolute crap" - golan levin