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perform N dimensional polynomial fits in openFrameworks

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Fit data between any 2 datasets of arbitrary dimensionality

Just a quick note to introduce ofxPolyfit. It’s an openFrameworks extension which allows you to correlate between any 2 numerical datasets of the same or different dimensionality. e.g. a stereo cam is 2x2D, and you want to get 3D, so you could use ofxPolyfit to create your 4D->3D correlation.


  • MD input, ND output
  • templated (choose double or float depending on accuracy / speed requirementes)
  • Object oriented datasets (see pfitDataSet and pfitDataPoint)
  • Simple ransac implementation (use ::RANSAC(..) instead of ::correlate(..) ) - may come in and out of usage


  • convert bases to be more flexible / OO / communicable
  • create coeffs class that can save / load, associates with bases
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