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interact with scanners (e.g. flatbed document scanners) using the SANE library for linux and osx
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Wraps SANE scanner library for interfacing with data from scanner hardware (e.g. flatbed document scanners).

Original code by Kyle McDonald.

Some amends by Elliot Woods.

ofxSane code published under MIT license.



Per project you need to:

  1. Drag and drop the contents of ofxSane/libs and ofxSane/src into your project
  2. Add ../../../addons/ofxSane/libs/sane/include to your Header Search Paths project property.

The example should work out of the box on OSX. But if not, then try the following:

  1. Clone the GitHub to somewhere on your hard drive git clone
  2. Using terminal, go inside the repo, and then into the backend/ directory
  3. Type CC="gcc -m32" ./configure, hit enter.
  4. Type make -j8, hit enter.
  5. Type sudo make install, hit enter.
  6. Enter your system password

This should install libsane.1.dylib and folder sane into /usr/local/lib. Drag and drop both of these into your project.

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