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openFrameworks documentation

openFrameworks is a C++ toolkit for creative coding.

Getting started

  • supported platforms - A list of supported hardware and software platforms.
  • Linux — A guide to install on Linux environment.
  • OS X — A guide to install on OS X environment.
  • Android Eclipse — A guide to install for Android using the Eclipse IDE.
  • Android Studio - A guide to install for Android Studio IDE.
  • Code::Block — A guide to configure Code::Block on Windows.
  • Visual Studio — A guide to configure Visual Studio on Windows.
  • MSYS2 — A guide to install on Windows using MSYS2.



  • Libraries — Details about libraries.
  • Serial — Details about serial communication.


  • Reference — openFrameworks reference.
  • Tutorials — openFrameworks tutorials.
  • Forum — The openFrameworks forum.