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@@ -63,25 +63,30 @@ Also if you have problems or manage to install oF in any other distribution
please post in the forums so we can add it to the next release.
+c) projectGenerator
-this is a python script that will make your life easier when creating
-projects or adding addons to existing ones.
+this is an openFrameworks application that will make your life easier when
+creating projects or adding addons to existing ones.
+you'll need to compile it before being able to use it. in a terminal:
+ cd OF_ROOT/scripts/projectGenerator
+ make
+then copy the application to /usr/bin so you can use it from anywhere:
+ sudo cp bin/projectGenerator /usr/bin
to create a new openFrameworks project, or update an already existing from a
console do:
- cd OF_ROOT (wherever you have uncompressed OF)
- scripts/linux/ project_path
+ cd OF_ROOT/apps (wherever you have uncompressed OF)
+ projectGenerator myApps/projectName
to add addons to a project just add the name of the addon to the addons.make
-file in the root folder of the project
-d) wizard
-you can also install a codeblocks wizard to create new projects, check the
-instructions in scripts/linux/codeblocks_wizard
+file in the root folder of the project and run the projectGenerator again passing
+the path to update the codeblocks project
e) codeblocks

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