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#compdef ellipsis
_ellipsis() {
local -a commands
'new:create a new package'
'edit:edit an installed package'
'add:add new dotfile to package'
'install:install new package'
'uninstall:uninstall package'
'link:link package'
'unlink:unlink package'
'broken:list any broken symlinks'
'clean:rm broken symlinks'
'installed:list installed packages'
'links:show symlinks installed by package(s)'
'pull:git pull package(s)'
'push:git push package(s)'
'status:show status of package(s)'
'publish:publish package to repository'
'search:search package repository'
'help:show usage'
'version:show version'
if (( CURRENT == 2 )); then
_describe -t commands 'commands' commands
return 0
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