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Creating a Clumsy Bird Customization

Sometimes play the regular version becomes very boring and you want to start building your own. Great news! With this repo you can have your own customization of Clumsy Bird to play with your friends.

If you want to add your own assets to the game, this is the list of the assets used in this game. Just create or change the image below with your own customization. Remember to keep the names and sizes.

  • bg.png - Size: 900x504px. This is the Background image used in the game.
  • clumsy.png - Size: 255x60px . This is the bird animation image. It contains 3 animation frames.
  • gameover.png - Size: 245x132px. The Game Over logo.
  • gameoverbg.png - Size: 505x361px. This is the Game Over square background used for the scores.
  • getready.png - Size: 405x134px. This is the initial message before the game starts.
  • ground.png - Size: 900x96px. The animated ground image.
  • logo.png - Size: 351x145px. The game logo.
  • new.png - Size: 48x48px. This is the NEW notification when the user reaches a new score.
  • pipe.png - Size: 148x1664px. Why the hell this is so big?! Because of the logic used for the random pipes position.
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