🔗 A URL link checker CLI for text files.
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A URL link checker CLI command for text files. Heavily inspired on awesome_bot


Installing pip version:

$ pip install vl


To use it:

Usage: vl [OPTIONS] DOC

  Examples: simple call $ vl README.md

  Adding debug outputs

  $ vl README.md --debug

  Adding a custom timeout for each url. time on seconds.

  $ vl README.md -t 3

  Adding a custom size param, to add more requests per time

  $ vl README -s 1000

  Skipping some error codes. This will allow 500 and 404 responses to be

  $ vl README.md -a 500,404

  Adding Whitelists

  $ vl README.md -w server1.com,server2.com

  --version               Show the version and exit.
  -t, --timeout FLOAT     request timeout arg. Default is 2 seconds
  -s, --size INTEGER      Specifies the number of requests to make at a time.
                                                  default is 100
  -d, --debug             Prints out some debug information like execution
                                                  time and exception messages
  -a, --allow-codes TEXT  A comma splitted http response allowed codes
  -w, --whitelist TEXT    A comma splitted whitelist urls
  --help                  Show this message and exit.

Do i need this lib?

I don't know! Currently i am using to check for bad links on my magictools README file. I hope it can serve for many purposes in the future.


  • How can we make it faster?!
  • API