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Ello Brains

Build Status

The shared library for ello's react based applications webapp and some other internal tools.

Working with brains

In order to work with brains locally you will need to link it to your brains consuming project(eg: webapp). There is a default script to link/unlink the webapp as long as brains and webapp have the same parent directory.

  • yarn link-webapp - will link your local brains module to your local webapp and allow for hot reloading of brains into the webapp due to webapp's development webpack configuration.
  • yarn unlink-webapp - will unlink the local brains module and replace it with, which is what is current on master.

Always be sure to run yarn build:watch when working locally so your changes are picked up in linked projects. Also, make sure that you commit up the compiled files to master to get updates pushed across the shared apps.

Code of Conduct

Ello was created by idealists who believe that the essential nature of all human beings is to be kind, considerate, helpful, intelligent, responsible, and respectful of others. To that end, we will be enforcing the Ello rules within all of our open source projects. If you don’t follow the rules, you risk being ignored, banned, or reported for abuse.


Bug reports and pull requests are welcome on GitHub at


Ello Brains is released under the MIT License