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Introduction to Munin.txt


Merlin is the Copyright (C)2008,2009,2010,2011 of Robin K. Hansen, Elliot Rosemarine, Andreas Jacobsen.
Please read the included LICENSE.

    Python 2.6
    PostgreSQL 8.4
    psycopg2 2.2.1
    SQLAlchemy 0.6.3

Additional Arthur requirements:
    Apache 2.2
    Jinja2 2.6

Additional Graphing requirements:
    numpy 1.1
    matplotlib 1.0

Additional POSIX environment (e.g. Linux) requirements:
    Create and chmod 777 these directories:
    Create and chmod 666 these files:

Note that these sort of permissions are (i) potentially insecure and (ii) can
cause a stale graphing cache. For more information, refer to README.Posix.

Setting up Git: (Consult Git's website for full instructions)
    1) Navigate to the parent directory where you wish to install Merlin
    2) Use Git to download the code and create a branch to track your changes:
            git clone git://
            cd merlin
            git checkout -b <your_branch_name>
    3) After making changes to the code/config, you should store your changes:
            git add <name_of_changed_files>
            git commit -m <short_description_of_changes>
    4) To update the code to the latest available source:
            git checkout master
            git pull
            git checkout <your_branch_name>
            git rebase master
       This will re-apply your changes on top of the latest source. If you
        made some incompatible changes you might need to modify your change!

Configuration and Database:
    5) Create a database for the tools using pgAdmin, psql or similar tool.
            CREATE DATABASE <your_database_name> WITH ENCODING = 'UTF8';
            ALTER DATABASE <your_database_name> SET client_encoding='LATIN1';
    6) Edit merlin.cfg in a text editor as required. You should only need to
        change the Connection, Admin, Alliance, Channel and DB settings. If
        you're using the SMS features you'll need to add your details in the
        clickatell and googlevoice section and check the sms setting in Misc.
       Commit your changes (see #3).
    7) Run This will create all the neccessary tables for you, as
        well as configuring the bot to join your alliance's main channel and
        downloading the shipstats from PA. Linux users, there is no shebang
        line so you will need to run: python

Access settings and running Merlin:
    8) Inspect and modify /Hooks/ as needed. This controls which
        groups of commands will be enabled. The SMS package is disabled by
        default, if you have a clickatell account to use you will want to
        remove the # character. Many alliances will want to disable the
        prop/cookie package, use a # character at the beginning of the line.
       Commit your changes!
    9) You may also want to change the access levels for some of the commands,
        you should do that now. There is a description of the access settings
        later in this text.
       Commit your changes!
   10) Run Again, there is no shebang line. Hopefully the bot will
        connect to IRC without any errors and join your alliance channel.
   11) You will need to add yourself to the bot using !adduser:
            !adduser <your_pnick> admin
       If you haven't added yourself to the Admin section of merlin.cfg this
        won't work! (You can add other admins/members without adding them to
        the config once you've added yourself.)
       You may also want to !secure the bot.
        You should do this each round and then !reboot.
   12) Any time you make changes to any of Merlin's code, you will need to use
        !reload. There are a few exceptions to this, such as changes to
        merlin.cfg, in which case you will need to !reboot.

Configuring Excalibur:
   13) You need to use a task scheduler to run one minute after
        every tick. If you're using crontab, you might use a command like this:
            1 * * * * /path/to/merlin/ >> /path/to/merlin/dumplog.txt 2>&1
       You'd then also need to create the file with executable
        permission and insert the following commands:
            cd /path/to/merlin/
       Make sure to sudo your crontab

Configuring Apache and running Arthur: (Consult their respective websites for full instructions)
   14) You should download the mod_wsgi .so file to your Apache's /modules/
        directory. Make sure it is named "".
   15) Open your httpd.conf in a text editor, and add the following line just
        above the LoadModule directives:
            LoadModule wsgi_module modules/
   16) At the bottom of your httpd.conf, add the following lines:
            WSGIScriptAlias / /path/to/merlin/arthur.wsgi
            <Directory /path/to/merlin/>
                <Files arthur.wsgi>
                    Order allow,deny
                    Allow from all
            Alias /static/ /path/to/merlin/Arthur/static/
            <Directory /path/to/merlin/Arthur/static/>
                Order allow,deny
                Allow from all
            Alias /graphs/ F:/Code/Git/merlin/Arthur/graphs/
            <Directory F:/Code/Git/merlin/Arthur/graphs/>
                Order allow,deny
                Allow from all
                ErrorDocument 404 /draw
       Make sure you edit all the paths!
   17) Open the arthur.wsgi file and edit the two paths in that file.
       Commit your changes!
   18) You may want to change the access levels for some of the pages, you
        should do that now. Access settings are described later.
       Commit your changes!
   19) Restart your Apache server! You will need to restart the server every
        time the Arthur code is modified or updated.
   20) The dynamic menu does not always fully initialise on the first page
        view, just load another page or try logging out and back in.

Updating for a new round:
   21) You should disable your task scheduler from running Excalibur when the
        round is over, it is not guaranteed to function correctly during havoc.
   22) Make sure you have the latest source code! (see #4)
   23) Run with the --migrate switch and the old round number. For
        example, just before the start of round 37:
            python --migrate 36
       This will store the old database in an alternate schema for archiving,
        and copy your user list (among other things) to a new schema.
   24) The migration tool will automatically pull the ship stats from PA. If
        the stats change before tick start or if you want to load beta stats,
        you can run manually:
            python [optional_url_to_stats]
       Avoid running this midround, it will delete stored unit/au scans.
   25) Don't forget to enable your task scheduler again once ticks start!

Merlin Access Settings:

    All of Merlin's functionality is stored in /Hooks/

    Merlin's system hooks use the list of admins defined in merlin.cfg to
    control access. System hooks can be identified by the system modifier:

    Merlin's non-system hooks (the majority of the functionality) are split
    into different routes and utilise a two-level access system. The access
    requirement of a route is provided in the modifier:
        @route(.. access = "member")

    The hook can also be given a default access level for all of its routes by
    defining the access variable at class level.

    This parameter can be changed to any of the access levels defined in
    merlin.cfg, or instead of passing a string you can provide an actual
    number, though this is not recommended!

    If a command is executed in a channel Merlin first checks the channel's min
    and max levels. If the channel's max level is higher than the command's
    requirement the command is denied. If the user's access level or the
    channel's min level match or exceed the requirement the command is executed.

    If you want to limit a command to use in a specific channel or in PM, you
    can use this modifier on the execute method of the hook:

    This can be changed to any channels defined in merlin.cfg or simply "PM",
    or you can specify the specific channel.

Arthur Access Settings:

    All of Arthur's functionality is stored in /Arthur/

    Arthur's hooks use a similar but simpler access model to Merlin. The hooks
    all have an access level defined at the class level, similar to Merlin's
    default route access.

    This parameter can be changed to any of the access levels defined in
    merlin.cfg, or instead of passing a string you can provide an actual
    number, though this is not recommended!

    These access levels not only control the access but also the items in the
    dynamic menu.

    Anyone with an active user account is able to login to the website. This
    means galmates as well as members, though obviously there is very little
    for galmates to see! You have the option of making tools open for public
    use or the opposite, restricting what your members can see.