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- Removed submodule dependencies
- Added various evhtp_hdr functions
* evhtp_hdrs_new(): creates a new evhtp_hdrs_t struct
* evhtp_hdr_copy(): creates a copy of a evhtp_hdr_t struct
* evhtp_hdrs_copy(): creates a copy of a evhtp_hdrs_t struct
- Added a default request callback if the user has not defined one.
- Added some informational SSL accessor functions
- Added evhtp_request_t accessors
evbuf_t * evhtp_request_get_input(evhtp_request_t *);
evbuf_t * evhtp_request_get_output(evhtp_request_t *);
evbase_t * evhtp_request_get_evbase(evhtp_request_t *);
evserv_t * evhtp_request_get_listener(evhtp_request_t *);
evhtp_method evhtp_request_get_method(evhtp_request_t *);
evhtp_proto evhtp_request_get_proto(evhtp_request_t *);
evhtp_conn_t * evhtp_request_get_conn(evhtp_request_t *);
evhtp_hdrs_t * evhtp_request_get_headers_in(evhtp_request_t *);
evhtp_hdrs_t * evhtp_request_get_headers_out(evhtp_request_t *);
evhtp_callback_cb evhtp_request_get_cb(evhtp_request_t *);
void * evhtp_request_get_cbarg(evhtp_request_t *);
int evhtp_request_get_sock(evhtp_request_t *);
const char * evhtp_request_get_path(evhtp_request_t *);
const char * evhtp_request_get_uri(evhtp_request_t *);
const char * evhtp_request_method_str(evhtp_request_t *);
int evhtp_request_get_matched_soff(evhtp_request_t *);
int evhtp_request_get_matched_eoff(evhtp_request_t *);
int64_t evhtp_request_get_content_length(evhtp_request_t *);
- Better callback return error and response handling.
* Callbacks which return an evhtp_res code now must use
EVHTP_RES_*, where each EVHTP_RES_* definition is a HTTP
status code. For example "return EVHTP_RES_400;" will
send a 404 error to the client, along with terminating
the parser.
- All static functions prefixed with _htp_* are now just static htp_
- Various small bugfixes.
- Added optional OpenSSL support (with optional threading abstractions).
* In order to properly enable SSL for your server two things must happen:
evhtp_ssl_cfg structure must be filled with your settings:
evhtp_ssl_cfg scfg = {
.pemfile = ssl_pem,
.privfile = ssl_pem,
.cafile = ssl_ca,
.ciphers = "RC4+RSA:HIGH:+MEDIUM:+LOW",
.ssl_opts = <SSL SPECIFIC FLAGS>,
.enable_scache = 1,
.scache_timeout = 1024,
.scache_init = evhtp_ssl_scache_builtin_init,
.scache_add = evhtp_ssl_scache_builtin_add,
.scache_get = evhtp_ssl_scache_builtin_get,
.scache_del = NULL,
* please note that .scache_init, .scache_add, .scache_get, and .scace_del
are function points to allow for a user to define their own session cache
mechanism. Libevhtp has a few default built-in cache functions:
Another side note here is that currently the builtin functions do not expire,
this will be fixed in the next beta-release.
* The second step is to enable the use of the SSL backend by calling
evhtp_use_ssl(evhtp_t *, evhtp_ssl_cfg *);
- Regular expression based path callback functions added:
evhtp_set_regex_cb(evhtp_t *, "^(/path_w_regex/).*", callback, args);
Using the case above, any path/uri in the request with /path_w_regex/*, the API
will execute your defined callback function. The output of which is the same as
any other defined callback.
- Added _htp_callbacks_find_callback_woffsets(), which (if regex) will set 2 integer
variables in the evhtp_rquest_t structure defining the beginning and end of a matched
- _htp_callback_new() has been modified to create regex based evhtp_callback_t's
- Made the evhtp_request_t structure private, various get/set functions have been added
to deal with the internals.
- Modified compile to support libonigurmura, a BSD licensed cross-platform regular expression
library. Currently this is only used to support posix regex functionality.
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