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Text processing and I/O programming fundamentals

Please fork this repository to work on the course. It contains some code samples and source materials in the samples folder that are needed to complete the exercises.

Topics and course format

Each topic in this study guide consists of a Practicing Ruby article to read, some questions to test your understanding, and some project-based exercises to put the concepts into practice.

News and Updates

Practicing Ruby subscribers will be emailed whenever new content is released. For day-to-day updates to the course materials, including revisions, see the file.

Getting Help

  • For a review or to share your solution, open a pull request. We will not merge it, but it will be used for commentary, and also marked with tags to indicate its status.

  • You can submit pull requests for the reading questions by copying the questions into a text file, adding your answers inline, and then adding that file to your repository.

  • For questions or general guidance with the assignments, open a ticket or comment on a ticket that is already open. See closed tickets marked "solved" to see if your problem has already been discussed.

  • Pull requests are assumed to include spoilers, issues should avoid spoilers unless they are clearly marked.

  • You can also use the Practicing Ruby chatroom to discuss this course. To access it, log into and click "chat" in the navbar.


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