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Store & load Article#body in separate git repo #57

jordanbyron opened this Issue June 29, 2012 · 0 comments

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Jordan Byron Gregory Brown
Jordan Byron

This is mostly a brain dump and will need to be fleshed out before it can be implemented:

  • Store articles in markdown files in a separate git repository, which should be symlinked into app.
  • Continue to save article meta data (Title, Issue #, Volume #) in the database and load body by matching on Issue # and Volume #
  • Add Article#updated_at to the article cache key so it is invalidated when article is updated.
    • We will also need to add template updated at time to this key.
  • Syncing article files should update Article#updated_at to the file's date modified time if it is less than Article#updated_at
  • Cache Cooker should update any changed articles when they are synced
Gregory Brown sandal closed this November 21, 2012
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