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Extra functions for the core Random library.
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This library includes lots of extra helper functions for the Random module. It makes generating pseudo-random values much easier.

If you want to add one or find a bug, please open an issue. If you want to contribute, you can open a PR adding tests.



  • Add sequence and traverse functions
  • Improve the performance of Random.List.shuffle and Random.Array.shuffle, especially on long lists/arrays.


  • Update for Elm 0.19, including switching to elm/random.
  • Remove Color module.
  • Rename to Random.Date.weekday.
  • Remove many trivial functions in Random.Date.
  • Add Random.Extra.bool.
  • Remove Random.Extra.constant; it's present in the official library.
  • Change the signatures of Random.Extra.choices and Random.Extra.frequency to require an element and a list, avoid the issue of an empty list.


  • Update dependencies for Elm 0.18.
  • Remove flatMap as core's andThen is identical.
  • Rename flatMapN to andThenN, for similar reasons.
  • Rename together to combine; see #1.
  • Change signature of Random.Extra.Float.normal; see #2.
  • Add Random.Extra.List module; see #4.
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