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Application Development

  • Support hosted application choosing frequency when subscribing to time. (Could be modeled for example with Response of type Subscriptions, (Posix time cyclic with distance in ms, Posix time once)).

Application Operation

  • Support application to configure tradeoff between the cost of persisting and cost of restoring.
  • Reduce load on storage: Provide automation to remove reductions which are not needed anymore from the store.
  • Add information in the admin section on the web host at /elm-fullstack-admin. This seems a good place to inform about available options. Illustrate how to set the process state.

Collaboration on Elm-Fullstack

  • Simplify modeling of tests: Support modeling Elm app using a string for the main (and only) module contents, using the default elm.json.

Ensure people can easily understand for a given change how well it would fit into the project:

  • Increase test coverage: The process store can reliably model values as offered on the interface. (E.g. line-breaks (or similar UTF sequences) in the serialized event do not damage the composition store)
  • Add an automated test for using the CLI to build a web app configuration from local files.
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