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Potential problems and their solutions:
+* Install errors having to do with `happstack-server-7.0.2`. This version of `happstack-server` has stricter dependency restrictions that conflict with other libraries required by Elm. Try installing with an earlier version of `happstack-server` with the following command: `cabal install elm --constrain="happstack-server<7.0.2"`
* When installing on Debian, `blaze-html-` fails to compile. You must install `blaze-html-` instead.
* Elm does not appear to work with the latest versions of `containers` (i.e. 0.4.2.*). I know it works with earlier versions of containers, so to avoid this problem, you can try: `cabal install elm --constrain="containers==" --force-reinstall`
* On Windows, HAppStack has trouble installing because of issues with the "network" package. I struggled with this problem on Windows 7 until I found the suggestion at the bottom of [this page](

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