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The full source for, the home-page of the Elm programming language. Open sourced as a way to teach people how to write and serve Elm code. Follow the instructions in to get the site setup on your own machine.
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Elm Home Page

All of is written in Elm. This repo contains all that source code, both for the frontend and for the backend.

You can also use this to run locally.

Set up

First get the Elm developer workflow setup by reading the build from source instructions, then running this script with runhaskell BuildFromSource.hs master. Be aware that this is all the actively developed branches, so things may be in an intermediate state.

Then in the Elm-Platform/master/ directory, run these commands:

git clone
git checkout master
cabal sandbox init --sandbox ../.cabal-sandbox
cabal install --only-dependencies
cabal configure
cabal build

Great! You should be set up with running at localhost:8000/.

You can run cabal clean to clear out all cached build information and start fresh.

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