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This vscode extension is including the elm-language-server which enables most of the used features.

You will need to install elm, elm-test and elm-format, to get all diagnostics. If your setup fails to find the global installations of those, you can use the settings panel is VSCode to set the paths to the executables manually.

npm install -g elm elm-test elm-format


Supports elm 0.19

Feature Description
Diagnostics Provided via elm make, elm-test and elm-analyse
Formatting Provided via elm-format and post-processed to only return a diff of changes. This way it should not be as intrusive as running elm-format normal
codeLenses Currently only shows if a type alias, custom type or function is exposed from that module
completions Show completions for the current file and snippets
definitions Enables you to jump to the definition of a type alias, module, custom type or function
documentSymbols Identifies all symbols in a document.
folding Let's you fold the code on certain elm constructs
hover Shows type annotations and documentation for a type alias, module, custom type or function
references Lists all references to a type alias, module, custom type or function
rename Enables you to rename a type alias, module, custom type or function
workspaceSymbols Identifies all symbols in the current workspace

Extension Settings

This extension contributes the following settings:

  • elmLS.trace.server: Enable/disable trace logging of client and server communication
  • elmLS.elmPath: The path to your elm executable.
  • elmLS.elmFormatPath: The path to your elm-format executable.
  • elmLS.elmTestPath: The path to your elm-test executable.

Contributing / Debugging

git clone --recursive
cd elm-language-client-vscode
npm install

Open VSCode with this project (code .) and press F5 to start debugging the plugin.

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