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Welcome to the GDPR wiki!

This is the place to go for information related to EU GDPR and Unlike most companies, we want to be 100% transparent about our compliance by providing you with all available information. Nothing is hidden!

In the various documents, we divide data into two categories:

  1. Personal data
  2. Log data

As for personal data you input on, we are what GDPR calls "data controller". There's a long list of obligations attached being a data controller, which we try to document on this wiki. In short, we process your personal data.

As for log data, we are what GDPR calls "data processor". There are a number of obligations attached this title as well. In short, we process your log data, but the data belongs to you.


Personal Data - An overview of the data we collect about users and why.

Cookies - An overview of the cookies we use and why.

Security - An overview of the components in and how they are secured.

Backup - An overview of how we back up data.

Data Breach - An overview of how we would handle a data breach.

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