Improved interface for the LSF batch job scheduler
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Improved Interface for the IBM Platform LSF batch job scheduler


  • python version 2.7.x
  • LSF version
  • bjobs, bhosts, bsub, and lshosts available


python install

If you are missing the right to write to the system wide python directories, use

python install --user

to install the package in ~/.local. You might then have to

export PATH=$PATH:~/.local/bin

in order to make the scripts available on the command line.


ejobs, ehosts, and esub have essentially the same interfaces as LSF's bjobs, bhosts, and bsub. Check

ejobs -h
ehosts -h
esub -h
man bjobs
man bhosts
man bsub

User Alias Resolution

To resolve commonly encountered and possibly cryptic user names, ejobs and ehosts provide a mechanism to replace such user names by user defined aliases. These aliases are read from ~/.useraliases (if existing), which needs to be in the following format: each user is on its own line; the first word on the line is the user name, all following words are the user alias. E.g.:

ep123456    Elmar Peise