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Aino: A Full Site Editing block theme for WordPress

Aino Screenshot

Aino is a free WordPress block theme for everyone who wants to build creative WordPress websites with ease.

Author: elmastudio
Tags: blog, grid-layout, one-column, two-columns, three-columns, featured-images, full-width-template, theme-options, custom-colors, custom-menu, editor-style, sticky-post, translation-ready, threaded-comments, footer-widgets, block-styles, wide-blocks
Requires at least: 5.9
Tested up to: WordPress 6.0
Requires PHP: 7.0
License: GPLv3 or later
License URI:



New: Change serif font option from PT Serif font to Lora variable font.
New: Serif font Style via Editor → Styles → Browse Styles → Lora.
Enhance: Expand Color palette.
Enhance: Load fonts via theme.json.
Enhance: Update Pattern category names.
Enhance: Default forms styling.
Bugfix: Update deprecated Post Comments block with Comments Query Loop block in Templates Single Post and Post without Featured Image.
Bugfix: Delete outdated Footer Template Parts.
Bugfix: Patterns updated.


Bugfix: Patter Header Default and Header Dark update. Please clear your Header Template Part customization if you experience Header layout issues.


Enhance: Outer content gap.
Enhance: Block pattern integration.
Enhance: Color names.
Bugfix: Header patterns. Note: You might need to add a Spacing Padding Top value of 5 to the Group block grouping your Site Title, Navigation and Social Icons block.
Bugfix: Tab menus.
Bugfix: Theme patterns.
Bugfix: Footer patterns Footer, Footer Dark, Footer Five Columns Logo Light, Footer Five Columns with Logo Dark. Note: You might need to update the Copyright and Credit text information in your exisitng Footer Template Parts.
Bugfix: Single templates Category font sizes.


Enhance: Font size naming.
Enhance: Color palette.
Enhance: Move Related Posts into Template Part.
Enhance: Delete Customizer legacy code in functions.
Enhance: Table and Quote styles.
Enhance: Use Site Title block in Footer patterns.
Enhance: WooCommerce support.


Enhance: Rename folders to templates and parts.
Enhance: Disable core color and gradient palettes.
Enhance: Update pattern categories.
Enhance: Delete woocommerce-default page template (not needed with new WooCommerce template support).
Enhance: Restructure patterns.
Enhance: 404 template.
Enhance: Delete custom class names from template parts.
Enhance: Rename footer template parts.
Enhance: Use new Pattern block in template parts.
Enhance: Search results and archive page template.
Enhance: Delete Header/Logo template part.
Enhance: Reorganize pattern image folder.
Enhance: Change Aino theme URL to
Bugfix: Single page templates.
Bugfix: Archive page templates.


New: WooCommerce block templates.
New: Single Portrait Featured Image template.
Enhance: Single post templates.
Enhance: Wrap post info in "entry-header" div on index.html.
Enhance: Query block styles.
Enhance: Update theme.json to version 2.
Enhance: Block style names.
Enhance: Header and Header Dark Template Parts.


New: Single post Template without comments.
New: Single post Template without Featured Image.
Enhance: Load Google fonts locally.
Enhance: Wider max wide content width.
Enhance: Query block support.
Enhance: Navigation block spacing and alignment.
Enhance: Grid gaps.
Enhance: Delete outdated theme files.
Enhance: Query Loop block grid posts.
Enhance: Query patterns.
Bugfix: Blank page template.
Bugfix: Change required to recommended plugins.


New: Feature patterns.


Bugfix: Group block with background.


Enhance: Outer content gap.
Enhance: Typography variables.


Bugfix: Default page template outer page gap.


Bugfix: Header template part alignment and padding.


Bugfix: Page template content gap.


Enhance: Update to webpack building tools.
Enhance: Clean up Sass styles.
Enhance: Set Contentgap to 'null' in theme.json file.
Enhance: Footer navigation menu's default setting.
Enhance: Color variables.
Enhance: font sizes.
Bugfix: Padding of blocks on single post.
Bugfix: Header alignment.


Bugfix: Group block padding fix that caused extra borders around container blocks.


New: Banner block patterns.


Enhance: Slim default Footers and new 2 column Footers.
Enhance: New PT Serif Google font option.
Bugfix: Google fonts loading.
Bugfix: Patterns update for patterns including the Button block.


Bugfix: Remove unneeded custom post classes.


Enhance: WooCommerce account styles.
Enhance: Form styles.


New: Blank page template and site logo header template part.
Enhance: Change Shop block page template to WooCommerce.
Enhance: WooCommerce account styles.
Bugfix: Fullwidth aligned container blocks in patterns preview.
Bugfix: Delete unneeded page templates and CSS styles.


New: Blank page template and site logo header template part.
New: Separate WooCommerce registration form shortcodes.
Enhance: Change Shop block page template to WooCommerce.
Enhance: WooCommerce account styles.
Bugfix: Fullwidth aligned container blocks in patterns preview.
Bugfix: Delete unneeded page templates and CSS styles.


New: Text patterns.
New: Portfolio pattern.
New: Query pattern.
Enhance: Header max-width and outside content gap.
Bugfix: Alignment for parent Group block in patterns.
Bugfix: WooCommerce shop archive page content width.


Enhance: Pattern library.
Bugfix: Post comments and textarea.
Bugfix: Layout aligment for patterns and header-footer.html template.


Bugfix: Aino text domain missing.
Bugfix: Added footer.php to meet requirements.
Bugfix: Default social icons links to header.html.


Enhance: Comment styles.
Enhance: Archive and search templates.
Enhance: Preset color palette.


New: Blank block page template.
New: Core Image block light and dark border styles.
Bugfix: Author name alignment.
Bugfix: Global font settings.
Bugfix: body width 100%.
Bugfix: Font weights and font family in theme.json.
Bugfix: Default block container alignment.
Bugfix: Default padding for heading blocks on default page template.
Enhance: Delete default separator in light patterns.
Enhance: Deleted default border radius on images in dark patterns.
Enhance: Page templates.
Enhance: Optimize color palette.
Enhance: Renamed 'Header and Footer only' to 'Header and Footer' block page template.


New: Block Theme support. Please activate the Gutenberg plugin in order to use the new block theme features.
New: Added Gutenberg plugin to list of required plugins.
New: Moved all Customizer color settings to the new FSE feature Global Styles (available via the Gutenberg plugin's Site Editor).
New: Option to enable/disable the Site Editor via Gutenberg/Experiments.
New: Default font Arimo.
New: Serif font option PT Serif.
New: Load Google fonts locally.
New: Block Patterns.


New: Add theme.json file.
New: New Global Styles Color Palette and color updates.
Enhance: Block editor color, gradient palette and theme custom colors.
Enhance: Add theme support for block styles.
Enhance: Font styles as CSS variables.
Bugfix: Deleted Group block max width.


New: WooCommerce plugin support.
New: Building Blocks patterns.
New: Support Query block.
Enhance: Color Palette.
Enhance: Core Code, Preformatted, Verse block styles.
Enhance: Form styles.
Bugfix: Load more on archive pages.


Enhance: Add support for local fonts.
Enhance: German translation.
Enhance: Theme screenshot.
Enhance: Header search form.
Enhance: Border radius for Featured images.
Enhance: Default paragraph and list styles.
Enhance: Max Featured image size.
Bugfix: Wide aligned blocks responsiveness.
Bugfix: Dark mode in editor view.
Bugfix: Styles for posts without featured image.
Bugfix: 'Hero' page template for pages using the Aino Hero block.


New: Dark mode option (see Customizer/Colors).
Enhance: Convert SASS color variables to CSS variables.
Enhance: Convert Featured image aspect ratio from 3:2 to 16:9.
Enhance: German translation.
Bugfix: Load more button.
Bugfix: Full width blocks on single post.


Enhance: Change CSS class no-margins to nogap.
New: TikTok social icon.


Enhance: Update required PHP version.


Bugfix: Limited custom logo height in tablet view.
Bugfix: Outer margins for Fullscreen page template.
Bugfix: Gutter of Image block inside Aino Grid Item block.
Enhance: Single post styles.
Enhance: New justify CSS class to justify align paragraphs.
Enhance: Main menu CTA button.


New: Hide author on single posts.
Enhance: Single post styles.
Enhance: 404 page styles.


Enhance: Mailchimp form styling.
Enhance: Custom logo support.
Bugfix: Default page responsive margins.
Bugfix: Admin bar top spacing.


New: MC4WP: Mailchimp for WordPress plugin support.
Enhance: Screenshot image.
Enhance: Mobile menu.
Enhance: Footer site info.
Enhance: Grid styles.
Enhance: Footer widgets.
Enhance: Search result pages.
Enhance: Editor font styles.
Bugfix: Cover block responsiveness.
Bugfix: Responsive spacing.
Bugfix: Multiple alignfull blocks scrollbar issue. Fixes #131


New: Aino Blocks plugin recommendation notice.


Enhance: Single post, blog and archive page styles.
Enhance: Translations.
Update: Default font from Roboto to IBM Plex Sans.
Update: Font sizes.
Update: Remove border colour in Editor colour palette.
New: Footer borders.
New: Display or hide Footer borders.
New: Footer borders colour.
New: 'Back to top' button.
New: Blog 'Load More' button replacing standard pagination.
New: Sticky badge design and Customizer option (see Theme/Blog).
New: No spacing option for Blog Cards (see Theme/Blog Cards).
New: Sticky post badge design and light colour option.


Enhance: CSS styling for Aino blocks.


Bugfix: Douple text domain issue in searchform.php.
Enhance: Translations updated.


Enhance: Deleted unneeded files js/svgxuse.js and js/svgxuse.min.js.
Bugfix: Default page comments width too wide.


Enhance: Update from GPLv2 to GPLv3.
Enhance: Added original file for js/svgxuse.js.
Bugfix: template-tags.php incorrect use of attribute.
Bugfix: Deleted removal of header section in customizer.php.
Bugfix: Deleted map files.
Bugfix: searchform.php incorrect use of attribute.
Bugfix: header.php incorrect use of attribute.
Bugfix: modal-menu.php incorrect use of attribute.


Bugfix: Button block outline.
Bugfix: Button block right and left alignment on frontend.
Bugfix: All core block right and left alignments.
Bugfix: Columns block spacing.
Bugfix: Styling of block widgets.
Bugfix: Styling of code, preformatted and verse block.
Bugfix: Bugfix: Fixing custom post type margins. #96
Bugfix: Bugfix: A11y fixes.


Bugfix: Block columns styling optimized.


New: Heading block font size platte support. Gutenberg plugin 7.9 required.


Enhance: SASS folder structure optimised.
Enhance: Grid layout optimised.
Enhance: px unit converted to rem.
Enhance: A number of CSS classes renamed.
Bugfix: Sticky post update.
Bugfix: Separator block styling.


Bugfix: Category styling on blog
Bugfix: Missing default excerpt text on first theme activation


New: Include minified style.min.css
New: Disable Google fonts loading option in Customize/Theme/Typography
New: Customizable default text colors in Customize/Colors
New: Disable custom font in editor font sizes
Enhance: screenshot.png
Enhance: Grid column CSS
Enhance: Update heading and paragraph font sizes


Enhance: Backward compatibility for wp_body_open hook, Fixes #65
New: Bold and uppercase primary menu font option in Customize/Theme/Header
New: Bold and uppercase button font option in Customize/Theme/Styles
New: Custom Footer Copyright text option in Customize/Theme/Footer, Fixes #70
New: Sticky Header Call to action button option
New: Default button text color in Customize/Colors


Enhance: Button and form styles
Enhance: Jetpack sharing button styles
Enhance: CSS grid styles
Bugfix: 404 page


Enhance: Simplified color options
Enhance: Simplified Blog & post styling updates
Enhance: Header light optimized
Enhance: Simplified SASS variables
Enhance: Border radius styles
Enhance: Header search form


New: Hero page template.
New: Header light option simplified by adding new Light page templates.
Enhance: Link colors simplified.


Enhance: Primary menu and mobile menu.
Enhance: Header search form.


Enhance: Primary menu.

0.0.8 =

Enhance: Default block styles.
Enhance: Add new font sizes for blocks.


Fix: Border-radius on post images on blog and archive pages.
Fix: Double publish date.
Fix: Display of header buttons on mobile.
Fix: Single Post pagination.
Fix: Mail svg social icon.
Fix: Allow not using a primary menu.
Enhance: Buttons styles.
Enhance: Sticky post badge style.
Enhance: Featured image hovers.


New: Create Aino blocks scss file.
Enhance: Block styling.
Enhance: Customizer setting descriptions.
Enhance: Hide header search form by default (Activate via the Customizer.)
Enhance: Readme information.


Enhance: Page and post title hyphenation.
Enhance: Updated license information.
Enhance: General styling.
Enhance: Default WordPress block styling. Fixes #27
Enhance: Optimise Page Templates. Fixes #26
New: Theme description.


Fix: Add missing theme domain to functions.
Fix: Main background color Customizer setting. Fixes #13
Enhance: General styling. Fixes #19
Enhance: Gutenberg button block styling.
Enhance: Custom theme block colors.


Fix: Blog styling.
Enhance: Update gitignore.
Fix: Mobile Menu hamburger button and dropdown menus.
Enhance: Post edit button styling.


Fix: theme installation error.


Initial release