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WebPanel for Manager Alerts Rules for IPS MikroTik Suricata:
This is the WebPanel for Manager Alerts Rules of IPS MikroTik Suricata project
13 April 17: v1.0
* Initial Version
* ips-mikrotik-suricata Working
* PHP5 with support Mysql and GeoLib
** Features
* Panel to monitor the active alerts blocked and update the rules for new patterns.
Check you have the requeriments:
apt-get install php5-geoip php5-mysql
Once we have IPS-MikroTik-Suricata working and running on our network, the next step is the instalation of panel :
To install, Clone the repository and copy to /www/html/snorby/public/rules or another you choice
cd /www/html/snorby/public/
git clone
mv webpanel_ips_mikrotik_suricata rules
-- to Config
* Modify for the new DB schema
mysql -u username -p snorby < schema.sql
* Use it:
Enter to http://IP_HOST/rules