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ActiveMessaging is an attempt to bring the simplicity and elegance of rails development to the world of messaging. Messaging, (or event-driven architecture) is widely used for enterprise integration, with frameworks such as Java's JMS, and products such as ActiveMQ, Tibco, IBM MQSeries, etc.
ActiveMessaging is a generic framework to ease using messaging, but is not tied to any particular messaging system - in fact, it now has support for Stomp, Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS), Beanstalk, JMS (using StompConnect or [JMSWithJRuby direct on JRuby]), WebSphere MQ, and the all-Ruby ReliableMessaging.
Here's a sample of a processor class that handles incoming messages:
class HelloWorldProcessor < ActiveMessaging::Processor
subscribes_to :hello_world
def on_message(message)
puts "received: " + message
h1. Support
Best bet is the google groups mailing list: