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Scripts to build rpms for Apache ActiveMQ

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This is a makefile and a set of patches to buld Apache ActiveMQ from a binary tarball. It includes pulling the tarball from the Apache dist webserver (sources target) and also building the rpm (rpm target).

The patches are all small, and are either already submitted upstream or are things only really relevant to the RPM distribution (change of default directories for config files and log files).

Moving to a new version

The only changes needed when moving to a new version is to modify the amqversion in the specfile and changing the sources file to contain the new filename and MD5 checksum of upstream tarball.

Building a SNAPSHOT

The rpm also support building a SNAPSHOT rpm directly from the SNAPSHOT repository. To build a snapshot, edit apache-activemq.spec and change the line:

#global snapshot_version 100507

to something like

%global snapshot_version YYMMDD

where YYMMDD is the current date. You also need to change the Makefile to point at the right filename (with thr right checksum.

This will produce an rpm with the name similar to apache-activemq-5.3.2_SNAPSHOT-1.YYMMDD.

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