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What is it?

A script to help bootstrap generic EC2 instances into specific ones.

The basic idea is that you submit some user data in the form:

  foo: bar
- :url:
  :type: :getcommands
- :master:
  :type: :puppet

This script when run from your init system will:

The puppet action isn't shipped but can be supplied by your on the URL to the getcommands action.

You should use this to do the basic bootstrap actions like get Puppet on your node, do the basic setup etc. From there you'd configure the machine using Puppet.


Actions are written in ruby, here's a simple one that execute a shell command:

newaction("shell") do |cmd, ud, md, config|
    if cmd.include?(:command)


Once run all the EC2 meta data and user data are cached locally and a file /etc/facts.txt gets written in a list of key=value pairs.

Ideal for importing in tools like Facter.


This is very early work-in-progress chunk of code.