FogHorn is a cucumber-based testing framework to used validate OpenStack deployments.
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FogHorn - OpenStack Testing Framework


FogHorn is a cucumber-based testing framework used to validate OpenStack system deployments. Its aim is to simplify testing of underlying OpenStack sub-systems in order to validate that everything has been deployed and configured properly.

Getting Started


  • Ruby (this has been tested on Ruby 1.9.3)
  • RubyGems
  • Bundler

Getting Ready To Test

Once all the required software has been installed, run the following command:

bundle install

This will install the Fog client, the Cucumber framework and other dependencies.

Configuring the Framework

To configure the framework to point to your specific OpenStack system make sure the following environment variables are defined:

  • FOGHORN_OS_AUTH_HOS: the IP address or hostname where Keystone is running.
  • FOGHORN_OS_AUTH_PORT: the port on which Keystone is listening (defautls to 35357).
  • FOGHORN_OS_TENANT: the tenant used to authenticate and perform various operations.
  • FOGHORN_OS_USER: the user ID to authenticate with.
  • FOGHORN_OS_PASSWORD: the password

Running the Tests

To run the test suite, run the following command:

bundle exec cucumber